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How to succeed with better Revenue Cycle Management
By Health Prime on April 29, 2021

The way you manage your revenue cycle impacts your medical practice and could prevent you from getting paid for your work. Adjust your strategy and...

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Improve your back office processes with these best techniques
By Health Prime on April 8, 2021

Review best practices for the back office that can help you optimize reimbursement and improve some of your processes such as collections, contract...

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How are payers evolving and providers' responsibilities changing?
By Health Prime on April 1, 2021

The complexities of insurance make it difficult for practices to get paid quickly. To minimize issues in cash flow, you can use benchmarking to get...

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Improve your front desk processes with these best practices
By Health Prime on March 25, 2021

Review some techniques you can implement at your front desk to improve your payment collections, schedule effectively and guarantee patient...

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What are some best techniques to improve your medical practice?
By Health Prime on March 11, 2021

Improve the way you run your medical practice. From your hiring processes to market your practice. Know what you need to do to optimize your...

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A Three-Point Checklist for choosing your Technology Solutions Partner
By Health Prime on March 4, 2021

Get an insight on some aspects you need to consider to find the right Technology Solutions Partner to improve your medical practice, relieve...

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Get paid for telehealth & non-face-to-face visits during COVID-19
By Health Prime on February 11, 2021

Get to know about telehealth, the waiver 1135, Medicare guidelines, coding and documentation, private and other payers, controlled substance...

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Get your medical practice ready for 2021!
By Health Prime on January 14, 2021

Get an overview of which are the most common End of Year (EOY) reports that you need to improve your best practices analysis, learn how to have your...

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What's changing for E/M codes this 2021?
By Health Prime on December 10, 2020

Get a better understanding of the upcoming E/M coding changes, so you can be ready, prevent delays in your payments and run your medical practice...

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Health Prime Welcomes Kareo’s Managed Billing Clients!
By Health Prime on November 14, 2019

We are excited to announce that HealthPrime and Kareo’s Managed Billing (KMB) businesses will be operating as one combined company!

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