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Health Prime Welcomes Kareo’s Managed Billing Clients!

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By Health Prime on November, 14 2019
KMB is now Prime Managed Billing-1

We are excited to announce that HealthPrime and Kareo’s Managed Billing (KMB) businesses will be operating as one combined company!

Kareo is a leading supplier of electronic health record and practice management (EHR/EPM) software for the ambulatory physician practice space.

Our combined company will support more than 2,500 physicians across the United States. KMB clients will join our growing number of physicians who rely on HealthPrime to manage the financial well-being and optimization of their practice.

All of us at HealthPrime pledge our continued commitment to enabling success and delivering the results and benefits we expect from this merger. We appreciate your confidence and support.

Following the merger, during a 60-day rollout period, KMB clients will receive access to HealthPrime’s RCM services and solutions, including Datalytics, a powerful business intelligence tool that brings incredible transparency to the revenue cycle. In addition to providing clients with an on-demand snapshot into their financial performance, Datalytics allows for benchmarking and the application of best practices across a diverse customer base. Physicians can continue working as they always have in their Kareo system, with Datalytics seamlessly integrated behind the scenes.

HealthPrime is unique in that physicians created it, for physicians, to take the business worry away from providers, so the focus remains on patients. We strongly feel that KMB clients will be on a positive path to grow their practice, and their financial health will thrive under the care of HealthPrime. They will have access to our extensive training programs, process discipline, specialized tools, and our highly experienced staff.

We are honored to welcome Kareo’s Managed Billing clients into our family and look forward to helping them fully optimize their revenue potential.

To our current HealthPrime customers, it will always be about the customer. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to continuing the quality of support you have come to expect from HealthPrime, without interruption, and all of your support services for HealthPrime products remain unchanged.

More detailed information about our plans for the combination and support contact can be found via our Kareo Client Welcome Kit.

We look forward to welcoming our new clients!

All of us at HealthPrime

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